ATP Certification
Training Options

Mil-to-Airlines Course

Course cost: $10,650

Take all of the guess work out of getting your ATP! MIL2ATP, Inc. has worked to create a comprehensive airline preparation program for military pilots. We’ve partnered with companies we consider the best in the business - together, we’re proud to offer a streamlined training course to assist in your transition to the airlines.

The course includes:
CTP academic and simulator sessions
Written Test prep & Written Test
ATP academic and practical training
Airline application review
Pilot interview prep
Pilot network membership

Cost doesn’t include DPE fee or additional training if required.
A non-refundable $1,500 deposit is due at checkout to reserve your requested training date.


GI Bill Eligible
ATP Practical Training Course

Course cost: $5,000

Even with a military background, having an ATP is still required at all (but one) major airline. Completing our course will prepare you to pass the FAA ATP practical check ride. The ATP flying training course is fast-paced training, designed to prepare military pilots (in current flying jobs) take a check ride in the Piper Seneca II. The course includes up to 4 hours of flight training and 15 hours of ground instruction. You will be provided ground academics online before you start flight training. Flight training is conducted in the Piper Seneca II at GWW airport. The flight training course was developed for pilots who have completed the ATP written test and require a practical test.

Note: Course cost doesn't include DPE fee or additional training if required

Payment: A non-refundable $1,500 deposit is due at checkout to reserve your requested training date. The remaining balance is due when you arrive for training. 

Traditional Application Review

Course Cost: $399 provides airline application review. The service includes a review of your application for two different companies (United, Delta, American, FedEx or Southwest) using a one-on-one consultation.

Interview Prep

Course Cost: $495

Pilot interview prep is conducted by Emerald Coast Interview Consulting. ECIC provides a comprehensive package to prepare you for an airline interview.

The prep course includes:

• 4-hour audio course

• 6-hour video course

• Unlimited seminars (live & online)

• Airline specific top-offs

• Full CRM exercise training

The Pilot Network

Cost: $99/yr

The Pilot Network is a group that works to expand your professional network. The Mil to Airline transition can be complicated and confusing, and a good network is often the difference in sitting on the sidelines or getting into the game. The Pilot Network has grown to over 30,000 members, and that amount of knowledge and expertise in one place is priceless.

TPN includes: 

• Question and Answer Forums

• Podcast

• Quarterly Magazine – TPNQ

• Private Facebook Group

• Live meet-ups

• Annual Conference - TPNx