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MIL2ATP's Rotorcraft
Transition Program (RTP)

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We specialize in the Military to ATP transition

MIL2ATP is an award winning flight school that provides courses designed specifically to help military aviators successfully complete their ATP certification and transition to the airlines. We partner with industry leading companies to provide the transitioning military pilot the ideal path to an airline career from initial certification all the way through interview preparation. We also offer additional flight training to military and non-military pilots. 

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ATP certificate?

MIL2ATP offers an all-inclusive course

MIL2ATP offers a complete package deal that will take all of the guess work out of earning your ATP certificate and transitioning to the airlines. This includes the ATP-CTP, written test preparation, ATP flight training, and airline hiring preparation guidance. Not interested in the entire package? No problem; you can sign up for specific courses as well.

RTP Course

Rotorcraft Transition Program

Are you transitioning from helicopters to fixed-wing? Check out the MIL2ATP RTP Course.

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Airline Prep Training

MIL2ATP has all the resources that you need to prepare for a successful Military Transition. Purchase à la carte, or all-inclusive packages.

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MIL2ATP is a highly professional organization, which does an outstanding job of preparing military aviators for their ATP practical evaluation.

Peter Gibbons

This course is perfect for military pilots. The academics and the flight instruction prepare you well for the FAA check-ride. I was very impressed with the entire operation.

Nicholas Register

MIL2ATP is a top-notch operation focused on a rapid and successful award of an ATP certification for military pilots. You will not be disappointed!

Nathan Mead

Excellent from start to finish! Everyone on the Mil2ATP team are phenomenal, professional, helpful people! It feels rewarding when you walk away with an earned ATP.

Chad Anthony