Rotorcraft Transition
Program (RTP) Course

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Rotorcraft Transition Program (RTP) Course

Is your goal to fly commercial fixed wing aviation in airlines? Currently regional airlines will hire pilots that are eligible for an ATP or ATP-R certificate and pay for the ATP-CTP, written test, and ATP practical check ride during initial training. In order to be eligible for an ATP or ATP-R you must have a commercial multi-engine land rating,1500 total hours or 750 total hours for an ATP-R, 250 hours PIC in fixed wing airplanes, and at least 50 hours of multi-engine flight time. There are also cross country, night, and instrument requirements that most military pilots will have meet as well. The first step is earning your FAA commercial certificates.

RTP Course

Course Cost: $44,550

The RTP course covers commercial single engine, multi-engine, and instrument airplane ratings. WIth a commercial helicopter instrument rating, using part 141 training will eliminate the entry requirements for each airplane rating and allow for accelerated flight training to achieve your goal. Our course also provides additional MEL flight training, reducing the time building requirements for your ATP and opening doors for earlier hiring at an airline.

The course includes:

• Up to 64 hours of dual in a Piper Cherokee

• Up to 25 hours of dual in a Piper Seneca

• Up to 60 hours of ground instruction

• King ground school courses

Note: If you are interested in building the remaining time to qualify for your ATP or ATP-R we can offer flight time in single and multi engine aircraft as well. Contact us for details.

Active Duty Only
SkillBridge for RTP

MIL2ATP is an approved SkillBridge provider which enables you to accomplish FAA certificate training while on SkillBridge in Goldsboro. While participating on SkillBridge we also can offer additional flight training opportunities to earn ratings such as a CFI or time building towards your ATP. Please fill out the application and/or contact us for more information.