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GI Bill

If you are planning to file for VA reimbursement using your GI bill, you MUST notify MIL2ATP before signing up.

VA reimbursement for certain flight training is available to military members using the GI Bill.

MIL2ATP offers VA reimbursement for flight training. Below is an overview with some basic information on using your GI Bill to pay for flight training; however, there are a number of details that depend on your situation, so please contact MIL2ATP for specifics. We will explain the process and ensure you have the required paperwork.


Flight training is considered vocational training, which is capped at $15,497.15 per year; vocational training is not eligible for housing or book/supply stipends. If you are considering further education or plan to give your benefits to your kids, you will get more value from your VA benefits by using it for education. To see a summary of flight training benefits, see

The following training programs are available for reimbursement:

•Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

•ATP Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP)

•Additional Category or Class Rating (Multiengine Airplane)

Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL)

What is COOL?

Army Cool:

•Airline Transport Pilot

•Commercial Pilot, Airplane Multi-Engine (AME) Rating

•Commercial Pilot, Airplane Single Engine (ASE) Rating

•Flight Instructor Pilot

•Private Pilot, Airplane Multi Engine (AME) Rating

•Private Pilot, Airplane Single Engine (ASE) Certificate•Remote Pilot

•Sport Pilot Certificate

Navy COOL:

Testing is covered to a maximum of $4500; training is not covered, but there are exceptions. Funds are available to all ranks in certain career fields (certain ratings / assignments).

*Per the website, only the Remote Pilot certificate is COOL-funding approved; however, we have had students receive COOL reimbursement for other flying ratings. We know ATP is approved – feel free to apply for any flight rating and see if it works (and let us know what works so we can update this page!).

If interested, check eligibility at (see “CHECKING YOUR ELIGIBILITY” tab)

Apply for approval BEFORE training at (click “GET A VOUCHER” at the bottom of the page) or at

Air Force COOL:

Testing is covered to a lifetime maximum of $4500; training is not covered. Funds are available to enlisted Airmen in certain AFSCs. Funds are only approved for Private Pilot Airplane Single-Engine and Remote Pilot certificates.

Go to and check your eligibility at the bottom of the page, and then follow the steps to complete the process. Contact MIL2ATP for an itemized price quote and a Credentialing Eligibility Letter, which you will need for steps 2 and 4.

Marine COOL:

Testing is covered through the use of exam vouchers. Funds are available to enlisted Marines only. Credentials must align with the servicemember’s MOS or collateral duty / out-of-billet MOS. See process and check eligibility here:

To find available credentials, go to and click “Navigator” at the top of the page and “I want to Explore Opportunities Related To” to find eligible credentials based on MOS / experience.

Coast Guard COOL:

Testing is covered for two credentials per fiscal year; training is not covered. Credentials must be aligned with current or prior rating, academic degree, or off-duty training. The following pilot certificates are approved to be covered by COOL:

• Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)

• Commercial Pilot, Airplane Multi-Engine (AME) Rating

• Commercial Pilot, Airplane Single Engine (ASE) Rating

• Flight Instructor Certificate

• Multiengine Flight Instructor Rating (MEI)

• Private Pilot, Airplane Multi Engine (AME) Rating

• Private Pilot, Airplane Single Engine (ASE) Rating

• Remote Pilot

• Sport Pilot Certificate

Further information to include eligibility, funding criteria, and timeline can be found at this link:

Apply for approval in MyCG Ed. More details available at the link above.