Mil-to-Airlines Course

Mil-to-Airlines Course

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MIL2ATP, Inc. has partnered with the Delta Aircrew Training Center, Emerald Coast Interview Consulting, Checkedandset, and The Pilot Network to offer a comprehensive training program to prepare students for the airline application process. The course includes:

  • ATP Certification Training Program (ATP-CTP)
  • ATP Flight Training & Practical
  • Prep Software, Sheppard Air
  • Airline Application Review, Checkedandset
  • Pilot Interview Prep, Emerald Coast Interview Consulting
  • Military-to-Airlines Networking Forum, The Pilot Network

Mil2ATP will charge a non-refundable $1,250 deposit at the time of checkout for all training courses. This is to reserve your selected course date. When you arrive for your training we will request payment for the remaining balance.

NOTE: DPE Checkride Fees are not included in the pricing you see on the website.

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