2015 finished out with another round of successful checkrides and two of our students started the new year by earning new FAA certificates. We’re looking forward to helping more students earn ratings in 2016.

ATP complete - Venturino and Taylor

Mark Venturino and Jason Taylor completed their ATP courses on 21 October. Jason went on to add a multiengine instructor rating on 4 January.

ATP complete - Novac and Odell

Kyle Novac and Jeff Odell earned their ATPs on 23 October.

ATP complete - Schmidts

Eric and Tracy Schmidt took their ATP course together at the end of October.

ATP complete - Worling and Hesse

Matt Worling and Nate Hesse finished out MIL2ATP’s October training with two great ATP check rides on 30 October.

ATP complete - Rodriguez, Hall, Kliethermes

Levi Hall and Clinton Kliethermes completed their ATP check rides here at Wayne Executive on 20 November. That same week, Nate Rodriguez flew to Florence for his check ride.

ATP complete - Donbergs

Ben and Jaina Donberg came down from Washington D.C. to complete their ATPs on 23 November.

ATP complete - Strand and Hicks

Ryan Strand and Scott Hicks earned their ATP certificates on 4 December.

ATP complete - Kiefer and Kuster

This was a busy week! Ben Kuster started the week by earning his ATP certificate before heading back to the UK. Kory Kiefer completed his training and took his check ride 12 December (notice he didn’t get his picture by the plane because the next student had already started engines for his flight!).

ATP complete - Haswell and Bell

Josh Haswell and Nate Bell also completed their ATP courses that week, with successful check rides on 11 December. (Yes – Nate is covering our Duke sticker to avoid having it show in his photo.)

ATP complete - Rutland and Segal

Robbie Rutland and Ronen Segal (demonstrating the classic “fighter pose”) completed their ATP check rides on 19 December 2015. Ronen moved onto his multiengine instructor training, earning his certificate the day after Christmas.

ATP complete - Groll

Jeff Groll started the year off right for us! An easy pass on his ATP check ride on 3 January.